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We Supply Hot and Cold Asphalt and other Mix for Your Project!

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Asphalt Project Solutions!

We are able to provide product solutions for all surfacing requirements.

Our products will assist in the following applications:
- Urban streets
- Freeways
- Runways
- Race Tracks
- Driveways
- Sidewalks
- Bus Lanes
- Harbour specific applications
- and more.

Our Raw Materials include:
- Sand
- Stone
- Fillers
- Bitumen
- Additives
- Grout

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Your Asphalt Supply Service!

We operate in the bituminous industry with an extensive range of asphalt products:

Hot Mix Asphalt:
- BTB's
- LAMB's
- Wearing Courses
- Porous Asphalt
- Sidewalk Pavement Mix
- Sand Asphalt
- Special and Modified Mixes

Cold Mix:
- Wearing Courses
- Pavement Mix
- Pockets

Looking for TAR SURFACING Instead?
CLICK HERE if you need Tar Surfacing for area larger than 100sqm!

Contact us for your required supply... !
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More Asphalt Products!

We are able to Supply Products for a variety of Asphalt Projects:

Roads: short access roads, municipal streets, provincial proclaimed roads, national freeways.

Airports: supply complex aspahltic mistures for airports and runways

Industrial: provide high-stress resistant asphalt concrete for industrial flooring

Parking: solutions for commercial parking areas, private developments and domestic driveways.

Ro-Ro Ramps: specialist technology for heavy-duty fatigue resistant surfacing.

Let us know what your requirements are, and we will provide a suitable solution.

Exceptional service and products as you would expect.
087 943 2337

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